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Dr. Reinhold Mitterlehner, Federal Minister for Science, Research and Economics

The Austrian Coat of Arms: An important sign of quality and innovative acumen

Political stability, a strong economy, an attractive environment for investment: despite a long-lasting, troubled international economic backdrop, Austria has managed to maintain a strong position. For twelve consecutive years, Austria has achieved more dynamic growth than other members of the euro zone and has maintained high employment rates. It seems especially important that our enterprises carry out the necessary structural changes in several areas, expand into new markets, invest in innovation, develop and put new products on the market.

In order to make these manifold successes more visible, the Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth grants the Austrian Coat of Arms to the companies which have contributed to the national economy with their outstanding achievements and have attained a prominent position in their field. At present, approximately 1,400 companies are allowed to use the Coat of Arms symbol in their business transactions. Clearly, in such turbulent times, the stamp of quality emblem is more important than ever. It provides an excellent marketing edge as it increases the confidence of other players in the market to do business with these recognised companies.

The „Nationally Recognised Training Company“ award/certifcation represents another important sign of recognition. The certified companies, by way of their strong commitment to high quality training, ensure that Austrian businesses can rely on a well-trained labour force in the future. The high standard of skills of the apprentices to these companies are proven in national competitions, such as „World Skills“. These rewards also show that the red-white-red success stories are the result of the work of many parties: the employees contribute to it with their hard work, commitment and know-how, and the enterprises with their dynamic action, broad-mindedness and innovative spirit.

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